Improve your business performance through experiential learning

Paranet members share real world experiences in a facilitated environment designed to help them take control of the challenges they face every day. You will profit from a combination of peer gatherings, personalized coaching, behavioral assessment, topical events, group tours and analytical tools.


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Member Programs
The Paranet experience provides game-changing benefits to our members. It helps you discover new business opportunities, solve complex manufacturing problems, make cost-saving decisions and uncover new time-saving ideas and resources. [...]
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Group Director Program
Group directors are well-compensated independent contractors with flexible hours but, in turn, they are accountable for ensuring each member and every group receives extraordinary value from Paranet. They plan and facilitate all Paranet Peer Advisory Group meetings. They also work one-on-one with our members to provide advice, insight and support.[...]


“Paranet represents opportunities to network within the manufacturing space -- and even deeper opportunities to connect with functional expertise areas and leadership teams.
Paranet has been an essential part of my growth in manufacturing. The networking and resources that have been provided over the years has helped me personally, which in turn has rewarded our company.
Paranet has provided great networking and learning opportunities. Group meetings offer the opportunity to discuss everyday issues with peers from many diverse businesses.
The Paranet Group has provided me with a strong set of tools to use in my career. Interaction and collaboration with individuals in industries greatly enhances the effectiveness of this training!