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Professional Development Builds Better Global Leaders
Kelly Rudy - President

From humble beginnings to global influence, strong leadership defines your company. Leaders act as your company’s foundation, compass and at times, a trailblazer able to navigate the challenges of growth. As organizations become increasingly global, leadership development is more important than ever.

It’s a common misnomer that the more experience someone has, the more qualified they are for a job. Experience may help, but the situational application of this can easily cause the foundation to crumble. Even the most vetted leader may not be the most qualified if they lack the skills to lead on a global level.

But, what does it mean to be a global leader, let alone developing one? Domestic leadership vs. global is not that different really. There are obvious economic, cultural, administrative and political differences between localized and international environments, but are mostly surface level. While successfully navigating these variables is very important, they are not the correct metrics with which to measure the capabilities of an organizations global leader.

So if awareness of international manners, standards of practice and cultural work ethics are not an accurate measurement of leadership capability on a global scaler, what are?

Professional Development First

Qualities of a global leader can be distilled into three key metrics:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Engagement in professional transformation
  3. Inquisitiveness

The underlying concept behind these three core qualities is that they are all directly affected and influenced by professional development training programs.

Professional development helps train leaders to lead multinational teams and influence global change. It can help teach them to be fluent in business strategy and articulate across multiple arenas both locally and globally. The difference between good and great is not easily defined, but it can be equated to something akin to artistry.

A great leader knows themselves first, empathizes with others, understands how to effectively build and lead teams, is capable of seeing the big picture and makes educated predictions based on past and current trends to lead their company toward continuing success.

A global leader is capable of both critical and creative thinking and understand that these two variables are not polar opposites, but really the same thing. Global leadership isn’t developed by experience alone; it’s a result of professional development and training that prepares a leader to better lead (and represent) an organization internationally.

When making the investment of developing your company’s leadership to become truly effective on a global level, professional development should be at the top of the list.

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