Can you transform common work practices into business building results?

A cornerstone of the Paranet membership experience is the Paranet Group Director. As a group director, you act as facilitator, coach and advisor. Being a group director is as rewarding as it is challenging. We accept only the highest-level candidates to ensure our members receive the greatest possible value from their membership.

Group directors are well-compensated independent contractors with flexible hours but, in turn, they are accountable for ensuring each member and every group receives extraordinary value from Paranet. They plan and facilitate all Paranet Peer Advisory Group meetings. They also work one-on-one with our members to provide advice, insight and support.

Paranet Group Directors have a diverse set of backgrounds. They come from academia and consulting, and cover a wide cross-section of business and industry. Each group director brings a distinct skill set to help Paranet members develop professionally and advance their business skills. As a group director, you need to possess strong interpersonal and listening skills, along with a passion for helping our members enrich their professional lives.

Candidates come from universities and technical colleges, or some may already have their own consulting practice but would like to include this work in their business plan. Others are professionals who are shifting to work part-time for the flexible hours, while others are looking at this as a means to re-enter the workforce after a hiatus. Some of our most accomplished Group Directors have been those transitioning into their retirement.

Group Directors must possess the following experiences, traits and characteristics:

1 They are former ā€œCā€ level executives or possess equivalent experience and education.
2 Candidates should demonstrate academic, corporate or entrepreneurial experience that proves they are self-starters and are committed to excellence in everything they do.
3 Paranet Group Directors must be accomplished analysts, attentive listeners and firm but tactful communicators. They are problem solvers who know how to encourage others to take action when change is needed.
4 Group directors work with minimal supervision, so they need to be disciplined self-motivators. The ability to get along with a wide range of people is a must, and strong oral and written communication skills are mandatory. Good judgment, efficient time-management skills and vivid creativity are the other qualities we require.
Manufacturing Group Director

Be a Group Director

If you are interested in becoming a Paranet Group Director, please contact Linda Kiedrowski, the Paranet Group CEO.