Meet your partners in change

Jeanne Rufflo

Kathy Scherbarth
Group Director

With over 35 years of experience as an executive, coach and change agent, Kathy’s extensive knowledge includes change leadership, creating collaborative cultures and supporting senior-level leadership development in both manufacturing and engineering industries as well as sales.

Her key strengths are hands-on coaching, strategic vision, focused and team oriented execution and sales successes. A lifelong student of lean manufacturing and continuous improved practices, Kathy is passionate about promoting manufacturing in her region.

In addition, she manages Kathy Scherbarth LLC, a consulting firm focused on keeping manufacturing operations healthy and profitable, based on a foundation of lean manufacturing principles. She is the former Vice President of Operations, Aftermarket, Commercial and Service sales for STRATTEC Security Corporation, and the former Chief Marketing and Development Officer for GPS Education Partners.

Kathy actively supports STEM Education and is directly involved with educating graduates, giving them the skills and knowledge necessary to help ensure the future of US manufacturing.