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Fresh leaders are not always prepared for their new responsibilities or the success factors against which they will be measured. LeaderPRO can help sharpen their leadership skills through professional workshops while they actively participate in small coaching groups to reinforce their new proficiencies. Leaders learn to build a team, establish goals, develop talent, communicate effectively and evaluate success. LeaderPRO participants are typically promoted as a result of their newfound technical ability and their reputation for getting things done.

The LeaderPRO process:

  • LeaderPRO meets twice per month over the course of a year. Participants meet in classroom workshops followed a week later by a separate two-hour small group coaching meeting.
  • Workshops are hands-on, interactive and informal learning events. Small group coaching sessions reinforce the leadership skills learned in the classroom.
  • One-on-one sessions are conducted with each participant and his/her manager to align their development goals.

There are two ways to get the LeaderPRO advantage. You can learn in a group of several manufacturing company participants or we can bring our LeaderPRO advantage to you in-house.

Three key areas are covered in the LeaderPRO Curriculum

Managing the Business
  • The Complex Role of Today’s Leader: What does 21st century leadership mean in today’s world? Here, we discuss, define and learn skills like chaos/change management, process improvement and project management. We study how environment and leadership styles affect corporate culture.
  • Leadership by the Numbers: Leaders impact the bottom line. Good leaders need to master tools like metrics, ROI and ROA. We learn what the numbers really mean and how to use them in your leadership role.
  • Role of the Leader in a Lean Environment: Lean is a culture requiring strong leadership. Manufacturing leaders learn how to sustain Lean culture in order to grow and remain competitive.
Developing Self
  • The Self-Aware Leader: Discover your DiSC behavior style. You receive a personalized analysis and report to identify your behavior style. Learn how to adapt your behavior to better communicate with others.
  • Effective Meetings and Presentations: The effects of a poor presentation can stick with you long after it’s over. Gain the skills you need to for efficient, purposeful, confident and organized engagements.
  • Effective Communication: Listening, clarity of purpose, thought and speech, advocacy of ideas and self all require good communication skills. Tools and skills will improve how to handle conflict and confrontation.
  • Personal Effectiveness: Whether aware of it or not, you leave an impression of yourself and your company everywhere you go. How positive is your first impression with customers? You will learn today’s business etiquette in dining, dress, communication, networking and travel.
Developing Others
  • Team Development and Dynamics: Dynamic and resourceful leaders who can promote positive team dynamics are always in high demand. Learn how to form a winning team, develop camaraderie, foster creativity and cultivate innovation.
  • Leading through Change: Become a change champion for your organization. Learn to identify the six stages of change. Improve your leadership and management skills in order to motivate your team and achieve business-building results.