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Manufacturing Growth Through Successful Leaders

Facilitators, Instructors and Coaches

We have assembled an “extraordinary” group of facilitators, instructors and coaches, each bringing their A game to the table for you!  They are ultra-experienced, certified and masterful at what they do.  

Rose Meagher

Executive Director of PDN

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Ann Manning

Executive Coach &

Workshop Facilitator

Jennifer Buchholz

Workshop Facilitator

Rosario Sanchez-Ledesma

Director of PDN

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Lyle Maryniak

Workshop Facilitator


Sara Reed

Career &

Out-Placement Coach

Mark Gmach

Workshop Facilitator


Meg Schoenecker

Workshop Facilitator

Corinne Jameson-Kuel

Workshop Facilitator


Suzanne Wertz

Workshop Facilitator



The Paranet Group, Inc.

10000 W. Innovation Drive

Milwaukee, WI  53226


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