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It Shouldn't Be Lonely at the Top

You are the person everyone goes to for answers. Success ultimately depends on you. Your decisions affect not only your own livelihood but those of your employees. Where do you go when you don’t have all the answers? When failure is not an option? 

Success in One-Page Away!

Strategic Plans have a way of finding themselves collecting dust on a shelf.  You create an exciting plan with a vision and mission statement, important goals and action items, and a path to the future.  But in the end, you didn't get results, you didn't reach goals.  Your plan failed.

Paranet's Business Strategy Groups use a facilitated process where your plan is rolled into one page.  The accountability and dynamics of your plan and deployed using a platform process keeping all stakeholders accountable and on the same page.  You will achieve your goals.  

Trusted Group of Advisors

Become a member of a Paranet Gusiness Strategy Group consisting of no more than 7 companies focused achieving strategic goals.  Receive sound advice from experienced leaders to help you move forward.  In turn ,help fellow members to succeed.  Membership in a Paranet Business Strategy Group is by invitation only.  No competitors are allowed to participate in the group.  The group meets in a confidential forum and is led by your Paranet Business Coach.

One Page Plan Keeps It Simple

The mechanics of the one-page plan is achieved through a cloud-based software powered by "Stuck Breakthrough Strategies".  A Paranet Business Coach facilitates the process to keep you on track and hold people accountable for their role in your success.

Solid Planning, Accountability and Success

This will be your last strategic planning endeavor.  The Paranet Business Strategy Group will keep your plan current and fresh.  We will look primarily at 18 months into the future, with a 30/60/90 Plan-Do-Check process using some of the best tools from Lean, Six Sigma, etc. with which you may already be familiar.  

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