Plant Tours

One of the valuable services Paranet provides to its members is the ability to see a mix of manufacturing facilities. There are world-class companies right in our own backyard, so there is no need to waste time with expensive travel. Anyone who manages, leads, works for or interacts with a manufacturing company can benefit from a plant tour. Listed below are the different types of plant tours available to Paranet members.

manufacturing group tour
Advisory Group Tours:

In an advisory group, members take turns hosting the meeting at their facility and include a tour of their facility as part of the agenda. Typically, the host is looking for the group’s advice for a particular improvement. After the tour, the group provides candid and honest feedback of what they saw. This feedback provides an opportunity for the host to troubleshoot obstacles and develop action plans for improvement. Only Paranet members are permitted to participate in these tours.

company tours
Mini Tour Series:

About 8 – 10 mini tours are scheduled each year, and each lasts about 2 hours. During these events, attendees learn a little about the company, go on guided tours and participate in a question and feedback session. Members get to learn about companies outside of their advisory groups, and are allowed to bring members of their team. The participants expand their manufacturing knowledge base, and the host company receives valuable feedback through verbal interaction and personalized evaluation forms.

manufacturing group events
Paratours/Lean Showcases:

Paratours and Lean Showcases are more concentrated than other tour events. They last four hours and revolve around a company showing exceptional success in a process or goal. During the event, representatives from the company depict their journey to success. They talk about what worked, what failed and what they learned from the experience. After the presentation, there is a tour, feedback session and break out table discussions. Pararnet members can invite other individuals from their companies to attend these events.

manufacturing plant tours
Factory Crawl:

Factory Crawls occur every 1 – 2 years. Participants ride in a charter bus and tour three featured member companies. Breakfast, lunch, networking and a Happy Hour are included. This event is open to members and other people from their company. Register early! These events have limited openings and sell out quickly.