Significant Interest Groups

The Paranet Group offers more than 30 events each year. Events are focused on relevant topics to the manufacturing industry and open to all leaders from your company. Paranet events typically follow one of these formats.

Significant Interest Group (SIG):

SIG events occur 12 – 15 times per year and are 3 – 4 hours in length. In order to appeal to the general membership and the leaders of those member companies, a wide range of topics are presented.

special interest events
Roundtable Discussion:

Roundtables consist of 8 – 12 members interested in sharing ideas and questions on a specific topic. These events happen on an as-needed basis.

Paranet member events
Member Only Day:

Held annually, Paranet hosts a day of business-building activities for members. These events are designed to be introspective and thought-provoking.

For a current schedule of future events please view the Paranet Event Calendar.