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For over 30 years, The Paranet Group has developed the very best leaders through a robust slate of services that include programs like 5-Dimensional Leader Development Program and Supervisor Boot Camp. We also do a version of Paranet’s Advisory Group within your organization to foster teamwork and break down silos.

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About The Paranet Group, Inc.

The Paranet Group, Inc. is a Professional Organization for Manufacturers. Established in 1988, Paranet is a wholly owned certified Wisconsin Women’s Business. We develop executive level managers into the best leaders they can be using the Paranet Way, a process designed to break members out of their comfort zone to give new perspective. Members will grow into superior leaders and their organizations will improve. The Paranet Way uses its unique and proven process of Executive Advisory Group participation, coaching, intentional networking and learning events.
Paranet Pathways allows members to follow a career course from emerging to C-Suite leaders. The ability to move from one group to another to accommodate change and growth is unique.

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