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Are you ready to have your middle managers work together in a cohesive and structured internal group focused on helping each other attain organizational success? Let us create a unique professional development experience by bringing The Paranet Way onsite to your company.

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Create an internal Peer Advisory Group within your organization as a way to cultivate and sustain continuous development for your leaders.  If you are looking for a way to check a box with “one and done” workshop curriculum and move on, Paranet’s Team Development Membership is not for you.  This program provides an opportunity for your people to learn how to utilize and tweak leadership skills when and where they are needed in the imperfect world of reality.  This is a sustained learning experience that is accomplished over time.

This is all done using the proven Paranet Way:
The Group meets for 2 ½ hours every other month, in person at their facility. The session is facilitated by an experienced Paranet Facilitator and Coach.  The agenda is comprised of two areas of discussion: First, a focus on a leadership issue handpicked by the Paranet Leader to reflect the needs of the specific group. Second, the group will act as a “think tank” to tackle a topic of their choosing having to do with an initiative, change or project going on at the organization at that time. The group will come to these meetings engaged, will hold each other accountable, and leave with an action plan.
Often the people required to do many 1:1 sessions with their direct reports are the ones who do not always get regular feedback themselves. This program provides regular and dedicated 1:1 coaching sessions with each participant via Teams every quarter. This time is dedicated to what they want to focus on and their specific goals. Our experienced coaches and facilitators are trained in this process. They are connected to the manufacturing world in a way that gives them insight into a manufacturing leader’s unique environment. 
It is important to do team building with this group to improve dynamics, trust and sustained learning.  A workshop is a one-time event and typically lacks a sustainability follow up.  We know that learning sustainability takes time.  Paranet’s program builds sustainability over time and continues to build stronger rapport with each session.  Members of the group develop a better understanding and respect for each other as they dive into group problem solving, discussions and bonding exercises.
Typically, rising leaders lead individual groups or departments.  Their goals and metrics may be somewhat siloed.  Goals can be better aligned to the organization when people understand how their decisions affect the company as a whole.  In this program, a group is comprised of 8-12 middle leaders from across a variety of disciplines.  This allows the participants to explore problem solving with varying perspectives, grow an understanding of other department needs and issues, and come together as a unified group looking to improve the company on an organizational level.
The Paranet Group’s goal is to take members out of their normal four walls, either physically or psychologically, to help them gain fresh perspective from different opinions and experiences.  Not only does the Paranet Team Membership facilitate a healthy exchange and debate of ideas, but members of this group also have the ability to attend the multiple Paranet membership activities, including member only learning events led by industry experts, round table discussions and plant tours.

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