Paul Schulz, Group Director

P41 Global Operations Group

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    Paul Schulz, known as the “CEO Shepherd,” has held every position in the “C-Suite.” He understands well the challenges and opportunities of leadership. Paul has served as CEO, CFO, COO, Senior Vice-President and Controller for a variety of companies, primarily in manufacturing. All were mid-size or large operations; some family-owned, some publicly Paul never forgot his first foray into leadership. He felt uncertainty and a bit of fear. He would have welcomed the counsel of someone who’d “been there.” Having retired from a CEO role in 2021, Paul realized he could be this person for others. Paul focuses on helping leaders transform their organizations with open engagement and positive energy.

    The Paranet Group, Inc.

    10000 W. Innovation Drive

    Milwaukee, WI  53226
    (262) 796-2560

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